Psiquiatra Fuengirola

Dra. Mª Concepción López Leiva

Medico Psiquiatra
Medical Psyquiatrist

Since childhood I wanted to be a doctor. Lifetime I’ve had that calling and thank God and constant effort I got it.

I graduated in Medicine and Surgery at Universidad de Granada in 2004.

Once I graduated I worked as general practitioner in private clinics before the spanish opposition MIR (Internal Medical Resident)

In 2006 I moved to Cartagena (Murcia) in order to do the residency training (MIR) of Family and Community Medicine.

I did practice one year at Santa Maria del Rossell Hospital. Although I adquired all kinds of experience at that time as

– Minor Surgery
– Emergency Trauma
– Emergency Ophthalmology

Family Medicine did not filled me as I expected. So I did again MIR opposition

Back in 2007 thanks to a good position in MIR I could do the four years of specialty (residency training) of psychiatry  in my hometown, Jaén.

2007-2011 Specialty Psychiatric Hospital MIR in Jaen

At the end of the specialty (residency training)  I went to extend my knowledge to Munich, Germany and New York, United States until 2013, in this fantastic time.

I could see the different points of view, pharmacological and psychotherapeutic innovative treatments, how to deal with patients in different languages.

One of the best experiences of my life.