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21 de July de 2021

Toxic People

Toxic People. Whenever I do a medical history, one of the first things I watch is the patient’s personal relationships also first things patients collect when they do their psycho-biography are relationships as well, whether they are friends, coworkers, neighbors or partners.Daily stress can cause harmful effect on the blood, studies prove, in a colloquial term I would say “cells age” For most of us it’s difficult to recognize where so much stress comes from.We go through life ” like nothing” we feel bad but we don’t know why. But I tell you that there’s may be one or more […]
21 de July de 2021

Love and Depression

Lots of patients come to my office due to unrequited love. When I worked at the hospital hundreds of them came urgently with acute anxiety with this issue. Unrequited love is not a “roll”. “Unrequited love” seems something like the century of Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, composing poetry for your beloved. Infatuation and love can be horrible, feeling the agony when love is not reciprocated, when the focus of your love sees you as “just a friend” (or not even that). Normally they tell you they are “not at that point in their lives” or “You are a wonderful person.” Most […]
10 de May de 2021
depresion en parejas

How to help your depressive partner

Being a depressed person’s partner can be frustrating and sad sometimes. We don’t know what to do, how to act, we believe that everything we do it’s wrong or they are gonna feel worse when actually everything we do it’s to make them comfortable. I want to give you some tips for you to help your loved one as he/she deserves in this very difficult times. Depressed people stop caring theirselves, as I always say, they can’t even hold a hair brush to comb the hair. Getting a shower is a challenge, a haircut, going to a doctor’s appointment, everything […]